Course Outline


  • Role of female leaders in an organization
  • The need for female leaders

Cultivating Self-Awareness

  • Identifying your strengths
  • Building confidence as a leader

Renewing the Leader Image

  • Understanding the diversity of leadership styles
  • "The image expected of female leaders" vs "The image expected of male leaders"
  • Recognizing the image of a leader you want to be

Learning Basic Leader Behavior

  • Managing emotions
  • Making decisions
  • Setting goals
  • Motivating and growing subordinates

Exerting Influence in the Organization

  • Recognizing your power to influence
  • Reflecting on your own continuous growth
  • Interacting with your mentors

Developing a Strategic Perspective

  • Understanding your organization from a higher perspective
  • Understanding the significance of strategic planning
  • Learning basic analytical methods

Making Commitments

  • Realizing short-term and long-term growth
  • Setting future action plans
  • Providing Peer Counseling

Achieving "Work-Life Balance"

  • Pursuing career advancement
  • Expanding possibilities

Summary and Conclusion


  • Business management experience


  • Female leaders and candidates
  • Female executives and candidates
 7 Hours

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