Course Outline

Introduction to Security Planning

  • Overview of security planning and design
  • Importance of security in modern architecture
  • Basic principles of security
  • Integration of security with other design aspects

Threat Assessment and Risk Analysis

  • Understanding different types of threats
  • Risk assessment methodologies
  • Impact of risk on security design
  • Case studies of security failures and successes

Physical Security Elements

  • Perimeter security: fences, gates, barriers
  • Access control systems: biometrics, card readers
  • Surveillance systems: cameras, monitoring
  • Lighting and visibility in security

Architectural Security Design

  • Designing buildings for security: concepts and strategies
  • Secure space planning and layout
  • Building materials and construction for enhanced security
  • Blast mitigation and ballistic resistance in design

Technological Integration in Security

  • Role of technology in modern security systems
  • Integration of IoT in security systems
  • Cybersecurity considerations in physical security
  • Emerging technologies in security planning

Emergency Response and Crisis Management

  • Developing emergency response plans
  • Crisis management and communication
  • Evacuation planning and design
  • Case studies of emergency response

Legal and Ethical Considerations

  • Understanding legal requirements and compliance
  • Ethical considerations in security design
  • Privacy issues in surveillance and monitoring

Sustainable Security Design

  • Sustainability in security planning
  • Energy-efficient security systems
  • Eco-friendly materials and practices in security design

Summary and Next Steps


  • Basic understanding of security concepts


  • Security managers
  • Designers
 21 Hours

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