Course Outline


Understanding Camtasia

  • What is Camtasia?
  • Camtasia Editor
  • Camtasia Recorder

Preparing the Development Environment

  • Installing and configuring Camtasia
  • Setting up PowerPoint add-on

PowerPoint Quickstart

  • Finding, manipulating, and animating objects
  • Working with keyboard shortcuts
  • Using tools

Camtasia Recorder

  • Recording content
  • Using scripts and teleprompters

Camtasia Editor

  • Working with selections and layouts
  • Setting visual properties
  • Creating themes
  • Stitching content
  • Splicing content
  • Employing captions and watermarks
  • Applying annotations and transitions
  • Using behaviors and animations
  • Implementing video and audio effects

Media and Libraries

  • Saving and loading projects
  • Creating a library
  • Adding to a library
  • Importing media

Sharing and Collaborating

  • Exporting online
  • Collaborating on Windows

Summary and Conclusion


  • Basic computer experience


  • Marketeers
 21 Hours

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