Course Outline


Setting Up the Tools for Kotlin

  • Using the Command Line Tools
  • Installing the JDK for Kotlin
  • Installing and Setting Up the IDE: IntelliJ
  • Installing the Plugins

Setting Up the Tools for Android Development

  • Installing Android Studio
  • Starting a New Project
  • Setting Up the Emulator
  • Setting Up the Library

Setting Up Kotlin in Android

Getting Started with Kotlin and the Kotlin Syntax

  • Overview of Kotlin
  • Learning the Kotlin Architecture
  • Learning the Kotlin Syntax
  • Using Key Features of Kotlin

Comparing Similarities and Differences of Kotlin and Swift

  • Basics
  • Arrays
  • Dictionaries

Digging Deep into Programming with Kotlin vs. Swift

  • Learning the Types of Classes
  • Creating a Class
  • Adding Methods to Classes
  • Defining Basic Constructors
  • Using Named Parameters and Default Values
  • Using Open Classes to Allow Inheritance
  • Creating, Declaring, and Using Functions in Kotlin
  • Using Parameters and Returning a Value
  • Creating and Using Interfaces
  • Using Enumerations
  • Understanding Generics
  • Implementing a Generic Stack
  • Using Generic Functions
  • Using Extension Functions

Working with Java from Kotlin and Vice Versa

Working with the Data Layer

  • Overview of the Network Layer
  • Using Entities and Endpoints
  • Implementing Network Interactors
    • GET Articles
    • POST Articles
    • Finalize
  • Setting Up Room for SQLite Database
  • Working with Realm Database
  • Implementing Common Tasks on the Data Layer

Understanding the Application Life Cycle of Android vs. iOS

  • Simple
  • Complex
  • Threading

Using XML UI Layout

  • Overview of Common UI Components Between Apple and Android
  • Adding UI Events
  • Creating an Activity
  • Using the RecyclerView


Summary and Conclusion


  • Experience with Swift programming
 21 Hours

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