Course Outline

Introduction to Marvin

Downloading and Installing Marvin

Setting up an Eclipse Development Environment

The Three Layers of the Marvin Architecture

  • Framework
  • Plug-ins
  • Applications

Components and Libraries

Image Processing in Marvin

Video Processing in Marvin

Multi-Threading in Marvin

Unit Testing in Marvin

Working with MarvinEditor

Creating an Application with Marvin

Working with Plug-ins

Testing the Application

Video Applications

  • Video filtering
  • Image subtraction and combination
  • Tracking
  • Face features detection
  • Real time tracking of multiple blobs
  • Partial shape matching
  • Skin-colored pixels detection

Using Marvin Framework for Test Automation

Extending the Framework

Contributing to the Project

Summary and Conclusion


  • Basic understanding of image and video processing.
  • Java programming experience.


  • Software developers wishing to utilize a rich, plug-in based open-source framework to create image and video processing applications
 14 Hours

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